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Brugmansia sp. (Angel's trumpet)
Brugmansia sp.
Angel's trumpet
Brunfelsia americana (Lady of the night)
Brunfelsia americana
Lady of the night
Brunfelsia australis (Yesterday today and tomorrow plant)
Brunfelsia australis
Yesterday today and tomorrow plant
Brunfelsia latifolia (Yesterday-today-tomorrow, kiss me quick)
Brunfelsia latifolia
Yesterday-today-tomorrow, kiss me quick
Brunfelsia sp. (Brunfelsia)
Brunfelsia sp.
Calibrachoa sp. (Calibrachoa)
Calibrachoa sp.
Capsicum annuum (Bell pepper, chili pepper)
Capsicum annuum
Bell pepper, chili pepper
Capsicum baccatum (Bishop's crown, orchid pepper)
Capsicum baccatum
Bishop's crown, orchid pepper
Cestrum diurnum (Day cestrum)
Cestrum diurnum
Day cestrum
Cestrum nocturnum (Night cestrum, night blooming jasmine)
Cestrum nocturnum
Night cestrum, night blooming jasmine
Cestrum sp. (Cestrum)
Cestrum sp.
Cestrum x cultum (Purple cestrum)
Cestrum x cultum
Purple cestrum
Datura stramonium (Jimson weed)
Datura stramonium
Jimson weed
Iochroma cyanea (Iochroma)
Iochroma cyanea
Lycianthes rantonnei (Blue potato bush)
Lycianthes rantonnei
Blue potato bush
Lycium sandwicense (Ohelo kai)
Lycium sandwicense
Ohelo kai
Nicandra physalodes (Apple of Peru)
Nicandra physalodes
Apple of Peru
Nicotiana alata (Jasmine tobacco)
Nicotiana alata
Jasmine tobacco
Nicotiana glauca (Tree tobacco)
Nicotiana glauca
Tree tobacco
Nicotiana tabacum (Tobacco)
Nicotiana tabacum
Nothocestrum latifolium (Aiea)
Nothocestrum latifolium
Petunia x hybrida (Petunia)
Petunia x hybrida
Physalis angulata (Husk tomato)
Physalis angulata
Husk tomato
Physalis peruviana (Poha, Cape gooseberry)
Physalis peruviana
Poha, Cape gooseberry
Physalis philadelphica (Tomatillo)
Physalis philadelphica
Solandra maxima (Cup of gold)
Solandra maxima
Cup of gold
Solanum americanum (Popolo, glossy nightshade)
Solanum americanum
Popolo, glossy nightshade
Solanum betaceum (Tamarillo, tree tomato)
Solanum betaceum
Tamarillo, tree tomato
Solanum gilo (Turkish eggplant, scarlet eggplant)
Solanum gilo
Turkish eggplant, scarlet eggplant
Solanum linnaeanum (Apple of sodom)
Solanum linnaeanum
Apple of sodom
Solanum lycopersicum var. cerasiforme (Currant tomato, cherry tomato)
Solanum lycopersicum var. cerasiforme
Currant tomato, cherry tomato
Solanum lycopersicum var. lycopersicum (Tomato)
Solanum lycopersicum var. lycopersicum
Solanum melongena (Eggplant)
Solanum melongena
Solanum muricatum (Pepino dulce, melon pear)
Solanum muricatum
Pepino dulce, melon pear
Solanum nelsonii (Popolo)
Solanum nelsonii
Solanum pseudocapsicum (Jerusalem cherry)
Solanum pseudocapsicum
Jerusalem cherry
Solanum quitoense (Naranjilla, lulo, little orange)
Solanum quitoense
Naranjilla, lulo, little orange
Solanum robustum (Shrubby nightshade)
Solanum robustum
Shrubby nightshade
Solanum rostratum (Solanum)
Solanum rostratum
Solanum seaforthianum (Vining solanum)
Solanum seaforthianum
Vining solanum
Solanum torvum (Turkeyberry, chundakkai, pea eggplant, makhua phuang)
Solanum torvum
Turkeyberry, chundakkai, pea eggplant, makhua phuang
Solanum tuberosum (Potato)
Solanum tuberosum
Solanum wendlandii (Potato vine)
Solanum wendlandii
Potato vine
Streptosolen jamesonii (Orange marmalade bush)
Streptosolen jamesonii
Orange marmalade bush

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